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Played by Sam Spruell.

Steve feels happiest when bonded with others in a group, driven by a sense of mission – he’s a natural vigilante. He’s not the brightest spark, but he’s driven by a strong sense of responsibility and a need to prove himself. So when Hattie goes missing, Steve relishes the opportunity to help on the search for her – not least because it gives him a chance to once again make a good impression on the Sutton family as Hattie’s mum is his ex-wife’s sister.

He’s also keen to draw attention away from his troubled brother, Seth, who dwells in the woods. The brothers spent a difficult childhood apart and Steve feels a lot of guilt towards his brother. He is desperate to protect Seth when he sees him with something of Hattie’s on the afternoon that she goes missing.

Cant wait to see the show^^


lol i started this blog semi-ironically in the knowledge that i appear to be literally his only fan on the internet at the moment and i feel like ppl are already gettin weird

why you gotta get weird, world why you can’t understand he is a lovely young man, a nice young dad who had to live for four months in his real actual everyday life with that worst haircut in the universe, and you just gotta tear him rite on down :’(

I somehow knoe EXACTLY how you feel… i mean i will never stop running this blog… no matter how many people will notice it or him… it changes the world just enough that at least we are here^^.

Imagine you would change the world for at least one person who maybe would do something different if you weren’t there… thats what gives our life a connection to the world. MAYBE a LITTLE toooo deep but it really is what i think!

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